Email Management App Boxer Acquires Enhanced Email Team To Boost Android Development

Email management app Boxer wants to help users tame the inboxes on their mobile phones. But since launch last summer, it has only been available on iOS. To help speed the development of its app for Android devices, Boxer has acquired the team and IP behind Android app Enhanced Email.

Like Mailbox, Boxer is designed to help users triage their email quickly, with different swiping motions that unlock the ability to archive, delete, or respond to emails later. But the app is also designed to allow users to do a lot more: they can circle in other team members, assign tasks, and add items to a to-do list, directly from their email app. The team has also worked to make the app more powerful by hooking into third-party applications like Evernote, Sanebox, Salesforce, and others.

But despite all that, it’s been slow to make its way onto Android devices, which is why it’s bringing on the two-person team from Enhanced Email. That app, while priced at $9.99, is still a pretty popular email client for the Android, with more than 300,000 downloads, according to Boxer CEO and founder Andrew Eye.

The acquisition — which Eye admits was a small one, though terms were not disclosed — provides Boxer with some Android expertise, and will double its Android development team. With that in mind, the company hopes to get its own Android app out a lot sooner, and is asking potential users to signup for early access at

While giving Boxer a much-needed Android boost, the downside is that Enhanced Email will cease to be “actively developed as a standalone product,” Enhanced Email founder Daniel Ochoa has written in an email being sent out to users. Instead, it will offer a free version of Boxer Pro — when it comes out on Android — to all Enhanced Email users.

Boxer has raised $3 million in funding led by Sutter Hill Ventures, with managing director Sam Pullara on its board. The company now has 15 full-time employees, and is based in Austin, Texas.

via TechCrunch


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