PhotoScope: Explore your iPhoto and Aperture libraries from your iPhone or iPad

It's always refreshing to see something new for photo aficionados and PhotoScope (US$4.99) certainly meets that criteria.

PhotoScope gives you complete access to your Aperture and iPhoto libraries from any iOS hardware as long as all your devices are on the same WiFi network. To get things up and running, you download and run a free helper app for your Mac. Next, launch PhotoScope from iOS, and with a tap to select either iPhoto or Aperture libraries, you'll see your pictures arranged as they are on your Mac. All the albums and projects are named, and the metadata is also available to you.

Photos can be emailed in large or small versions, copied, saved to your iOS camera roll, printed, or Tweeted. Images can also be copied and then pasted into other apps. PhotoScope supports flags and ratings, so you can remotely tag your photos (Aperture only) from your iPhone or iPad.

Neither iPhoto nor Aperture need to be running on your Mac for you to be able to browse photos. If you tag or modify image information, iPhoto or Aperture will launch as needed.

Photos can be pinched and double-tapped to zoom in or out, and the app supports full resolution. PhotoScope is pretty handy, and unique in terms of its functions.

I'd love to see the app support remote access and be able to talk to my Adobe Lightroom content. David Ritchie, the app developer, says remote access is being worked on, and requests for Lightroom compatibility and other features will certainly be considered.

PhotoScope is a worthwhile app that will please many people who want the features the app offers. I actually found browsing my photos on my iPad to be faster and more enjoyable than sitting at my Mac. PhotoScope requires iOS 7 or later, and works fine on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is optimized for the iPhone 5.


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