Office Depot spills the beans: Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro tablet launching for $849

Samsung is likely to introduce its new Galaxy Note Pro Wi-Fi tablet with 64 GB of memory for $849 in time for Valentines Day. The company hasn’t announced official availability or pricing but one of its retail partners, Office Depot, had a product page go live on Monday with the information, which was spotted by Engadget.

galaxy note pro pricing

Compared to other Android tablets, the price is steep. Bear in mind this is Samsung’s effort to bring more productivity to tablets. As a result, the slate is 12.2-inches in size and has the unique ability to run up to four applications on screen at the same time. I had some early hands on time with the product last month and I see what Samsung is trying to accomplish here: Effectively offering an Android tablet that can be a laptop replacement for a wider audience.

TabPRO 122

Without spending a week or so with a review unit, it’s too early for me to say if Samsung has achieved that goal. If it has, then the Note Pro could be worth every penny. Even if it does, I suspect the company will face major push-back on the cost as that amount of money, if not less, can buy a capable touchscreen laptop or Chromebook. These won’t likely have digital pen support, so Samsung will need to convince consumers that its S Pen is worth a hefty premium.

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