Daily App: Friend Check lets you monitor your followers as they come and go

Let's face it, your social media presence is important for extending your network of friends and colleagues and in developing your online persona. If you care about such things, then you should download Friend Check from MobileLife Studio. The app helps you track your followers as you build your presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Friend Check supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The app captures a snapshot of your profile -- tracking how many followers you have, how many new ones added you and how many unfollowed you. The app saves each overview so you can see how you profile has changed over time. A handy reporting feature presents this data and provides other interesting stats like the percentage of people who follow you back.

Friend Check also has limited conversation support that allows you to reach out to someone who unfollowed you with a quick @ mention or a DM. You also can follow or unfollow from within the app. Friend Check links to native apps allowing you to view a user's full profile instead of the brief overview provided by Friend Check.

Friend Check is very easy to setup and configure. It uses OAuth to connect your accounts to the app, so there are no privacy concerns about handing over your Twitter username and password to an unknown developer. My only gripe is the number of in-app purchases required to unlock additional features and remove the app links that are appended to posts and tweets. It'll cost you 99-cents if you want to setup more than one social network, another US$1.99 if you want more than one account on a social network and so on. I wish there was a pro version that I could buy outright and not have to deal with these little charges.

Despite the in-app purchases, Friend Check is an excellent app for monitoring your followers on the major social networks. It's earned a spot on my phone. You can download Friend Check for free from the iOS App Store. It's compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 7 or later. There are in-app purchases, but no ads.


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