Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, And Flickr Hit With Temporary Service Interruption

Yahoo appears to be experiencing technical difficulties across its network of sites, with outages occurring on the Yahoo homepage, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Mail and Flickr. confirms that Yahoo is experiencing difficulties, and Twitter is also in an uproar over the outage.

According to Twitter complaints, the outage seems to have started around 1:25pm ET, with touch-and-go service since.

It’s not clear how many users are affected, or whether or not the service interruption is affecting certain geographic regions.

Update: A Yahoo spokesperson has responded with the following statement:

Some sites are currently unavailable. We are aware and working to quickly resolve the issue.

In December, just a few short months ago, Yahoo experienced a series of outages across Yahoo Mail, Yahoo, and Flickr that left many loyal users in a foul mood. The company apologized, and continues to work on improving its products, but outages are worse to consumers than no improvements at all.

Hopefully for Mayer and friends, this outage is a short one.

Yahoo isn’t the only major tech company to have an embarrassing service interruption lately. Gmail and Google+ experienced a global, nearly hour-long outage on January 24.

Yahoo didn’t respond so well when that happened, instead poking fun at the search giant for having a service interruption. Yahoo later apologized for tweeting about Gmail’s outage.


via TechCrunch


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