You'll be surprised by how naturally Evernote wants you to search

Products like Evernote provide an invaluable resource for collecting notes, letters, recipes and every other form of important random information we want to keep track of. But search has always been a formal affair, requiring you to know what you're looking for if you want optimal results. This is great for specifics or if you don't have a lot of notes, but what about general information? What about the times you just want to find a bunch of related items? What about the power users with overflowing notebooks?

Today Evernote for Mac has launched a new feature called Descriptive Search that targets exactly those users. Using a powerful new search engine, Evernote now allows you to describe what you want to find using common terms.

If you search, "Christmas photos since 2010," the algorithm will pull up every note since 2010 that has the tag "Christmas." Want to find your aunt's vegetable soup recipe? Simply type in, "Vegetable soup recipes." Need to pull up a document you worked on last week? Search, "Excel documents from last week." No need to go through menus or switch between notebooks. Just tell it exactly what you want.

You can now search via dates, attached documents, images, audio, notebooks, tags, web sources like email, types of content and even the apps, devices or places a note was created at.

Evernote is launching Descriptive Search exclusively on Evernote for Mac, with other versions of Evernote getting the update in the near future. Currently the feature is only available in English, but more languages will be added soon. Descriptive Search works regardless of if you're a free or Premium user, so go update your apps and get to searching.


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